Its Quintles

New Project
It’s Quintles Pet Supplies.
Qu’avons nous fait.
Branding, Graphic & Packaging.
Date de réalisation.
September, 2019.
Vancouver, British Columbia. Canada.

Comment cette bonne idée est venue.

We met the owner of a pet supplies company that needed help with the concept of his company and his brand, how to make his brand represent his spirit and his roots.

Our client is of Mexican origin and he wanted to translate that into his brand. We develop the name and brand identity based on an original and special kind of Mexican dog, a sacred dog: the Xoloitzcuintle.

In a brainstorming session with the client, “It’s Quintle” emerged, and he loved it.


Le détail.

For “It’s Quintle” we choose a design packaging easy to use, with a color palette that represents a fresh look. Also, all the package of their products was built with eco-friendly materials.


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